Sylvie Fleury
Current Issues


Current Issues, 1994
VHS transferred to DVD
32 min
Unlimited edition

A close-up shows us the blue water of a swimming pool on the right and a sun lounger on the left, on which a woman in a blue sequinned bikini is making herself comfortable, of whom only the thighs and forearms are visible. She is lying in the sun and is busy flipping through a variety of women’s fashion and lifestyle magazines. The publications all originate from the same month and so Current Issues becomes a pun that describes both current topics and current editions. Over her shoulder you can see the issues of Allure, Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar, which she consumes at a brisk pace; only on certain pages does she pause for a few seconds. In fact, she forces us to look at something that a large part of the art world despises as triviality and mercantilism, or at least does not freely admit to reading for fear of being labelled superficial. In a malicious way, Sylvie Fleury lets us see what we should not see. At the end the protagonist jumps into the swimming pool leaving her magazines on the sun lounger and suggesting to the viewer a loop where the action becomes repeatable. The simultaneous ordinariness and peculiarity of the moment is emphasised, which only makes its voyeuristic role clear to the observer.

Current Issues (excerpt, 5 min)



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