Sylvie Fleury


Twinkle, 1992
VHS tranferred to DVD
28:56 min
Unlimited edition

Twinkle shows the protagonist, reduced to legs and feet, trying on dozens of shoes while listening to a record of high-pitched American hits from the 1960s. Like many of Fleury’s works, the narcissistic and fetishising performance celebrates and criticises the consumer society, which is defined by value objects, and addresses the aspect of the female masquerade. Twinkle instantly conjures the sense of excitation that getting ready for a night out arouses, but this soon passes when we begin to realise that the woman isn’t going anywhere. As the tempo of the music and the trying on of outfits begin to slide apart, the scene undoes itself and begins to resemble a strangely solipsistic ceremony, where the outfits are performed as dazzling burdens for the body rather than mere party clothes. A private act that is not actually intended for the public is here carried to the outside world and put on display. By thematising fetishes and the abundance of the consumer society, Fleury throws a spotlight on typical cultural subjects of the 1990s.

Twinkle (excerpt, 5 min)

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