Saâdane Afif
Side Magazine
The Heptahedron Box


This box-set contains all seven issues of Side Magazine, as well as the 8th special issue that doubles as both an exhibition catalogue and a retrospective walk through of the fourth edition of Bergen Assembly — Yasmine and the Seven Faces of the Heptahedron.

Thanks goes out to all the contributors, the Side Magazine team and our editor Yasmine d’O. for their work on all eight issues:

Louisa Elderton, Saâdane Afif, Alix Chambaud, Eirini Fountedaki, Pablo Larios, Anna Bühler, Pit Stenkhoff , Kirsten Wandschneider, Jonas von Lenthe, Tatiana Rybaltchenko, Hannah Satz, Gina Tandberg, Sunniva Vik, Diane Fortenberry, Nina Kettiger, Ewa Borysiewicz, Katia Porro, Victor Szepessy, Neue Gestaltung, and Wirklichkeit Books.

Published by Wirklichkeit Books, 2022

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