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#3 The Bonimenteur


Side Magazine is conceived of as a site of research, each issue giving shape to one of the seven characters of The Heptahedron, a play written by the French author Thomas Clerc in 2016. These characters will become the motifs guiding the seven exhibitions of the upcoming edition of Bergen Assembly.

Coming from the French word bonir (to tell stories in a nice way), their speech is often exaggerated, and aims to please, convince, and seduce—illusionary tricks often used as a means to an end.

Seven contributors explore the soul of this talkative figure: Aurélien Gamboni analyses Hieronymus Bosch’s painting The Conjurer (1502); Polly Wiesner discusses storytelling at night among the Ju/’hoansi (!Kung Bushmen); a reprint of Marion Baruch’s NAME DIFFUSION links commodity with cultural production; Helmut Draxler looks at the relation between art and its display; Deborah Bowmann harnesses neoliberalism’s individuation; Jean Breschand puts Pier Paolo Pasolini’s masterpieces in the frame; and finally, Jacqueline Barus-Michel explores belief and our desire for meaning.

The editorial committee for The Bonimenteur is comprised of Saâdane Afif, Anna Bühler, Alix Chambaud, Louisa Elderton, Ingrid Haug Erstad, Jonas von Lenthe, Yasmine d’O., Tatiana Rybaltchenko, Pit Stenkhoff, and Kirsten Wandschneider.

Bergen Assembly thanks the City of Bergen, the Arts Council of NorwayMehdi Chouakri and the French Ministry of Culture for supporting this project.

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Side Magazine is published by Wirklichkeit Books.

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