Peter Roehr


Untitled, 1963
Punch card, chadded (rectangular), framed
40 x 40 cm
Edition of 75
Estate stamp, not signed

The edition from 1963 consists of machine-cut round and rectangular punch cards, which were published in an edition of 75 copies. Originally used to store information, the punch cards’ purpose here is merely figurative. Using mainly industrially produced materials, Peter Roehr arranges serial formations of individual objects to create his so-called montages. These montages cover a variety of media, from objects and photographs to letters, texts, sounds and noises, film material, and more. Roehr’s aim was to create new visual impressions by changing parameters through repetition.”I believe that each thing has properties that can be grasped, but which we rarely perceive. If we perceive a thing several times next to each other or among each other (in space) and one after the other (in time)—without an intermediate space or time, because then no non-form can arise that is not caused by the form of the material—we notice these properties.”

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