Mathieu Mercier


Softcover: 136 pages
Editors: Jennifer Allen, Michel Gauthier
Publisher: JRP | Ringier
: 2006
Language: French/English
ISBN-13: 978-3-905701-71-5
Dimensions: 24 x 19 cm

Mathieu Mercier employs common household and industrial materials to create his sculptural, photographic, and wall-based works, which explore the relationship between those contemporary mass-produced consumer objects and their aesthetic origins in early 20th-century art and design. One series of sculptures, titled Drum and Bass, recreates classic Mondrian compositions out of black DIY shelving and primary coloured household objects—plastic bins, extension cables and stationery folders. In Plastic Anchors Wall, Mercier again traces the use of primary colours from early Modernist art to their function as colour coding for differently sized screw anchors. This dialogue between utopian art and design icons and contemporary mass-produced objects highlights the evolution of the meaning of “modernity” from social project, in utopian movements such as De Stijl and Russian Constructivism, to capital gain.

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