Jonathan Monk
Untitled XLIV


Untitled XLIV (Magazine), 2019
Gouache, watercolour and inkjet print on paper
32.5 x 23.5 cm (framed)
Unique piece
Signed verso: Jonathan Monk

Quoting as a strategy is central to Jonathan Monk’s work. For this series he downloads and prints images of landscape paintings by the Italian artist Salvo and transfers them on pages taken from lifestyle magazines. He subsequently paints over their background and only omits the trees from the original composition, leaving them untouched. The trees, which are painted in a unique way, are a recurring motif of Salvo and are one of the main characteristics of the Italian avant-garde artist. At the same time, the magazine page represents a kind of utopian place of longing similar to Salvo’s landscape paintings, which represent places of happiness and beauty, almost reminiscent of Arcadia.

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