John Armleder


Ø 30,5 cm / Ø 12 in
Edition of 150  EA

The series of 150 porcelain plates was published to accompany Armleder’s famous edition Loasaceae double, for which the artist created small models of naturalistic brains in glass and polished silver. The anatomical motif stands in a row with other objects such as harps or skulls, which the artist repeatedly uses for wall paintings and other works. By using a simplified depiction of the typically complex brain you get the impression of a graphical illustration transforming the organ into an unusual decorative element. The individual symbols can be read here both on their own on an allegorical, surrealistic level and in combination with each other. In addition, the different materials – porcelain, silver, glass – give the same motif a completely different semantic classification. The edition was created in 2005 at the Fürstenberg Porcelain Manufactory in Germany.

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