Isabell Heimerdinger


Portacenere, 2021
Ceramic, glazed
Signed in the box
∅ 12 x 2.5 cm
∅ 4.7 x 1 in
Edition of 10 plus 3 AP

The inspiration for Isabell Heimerdinger’s ceramic edition „Portacenere“ (2021) was the painting „Al bar“ (2015) by the Italian artist Salvo. It depicts a person seated at a table in a bar, smoking a cigarette absorbed in his thoughts. Soon the viewer realizes that he is not the main character in this scenery. Our attention is drawn by a small light green object placed on the table — an ashtray (it. portacenere). An everyday object, rather useful than decorative. For Heimerdinger it was not the cigarette that dictated the design of the object but Salvo’s colour palette and his brushstroke. By using a multitude of layers the artist provides each piece with a lively and distinctive appearance. Hand-painted labels and hand-written details on the storage boxes underline its beauty.

Each piece is unique and has a strange twist to it. It is special. It is different to conventional ashtrays. An art object oscillating between sculpture and basic commodity.

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